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Nowadays, communication is part of our way of life, and thanks to technology such Internet, it's global.

This wonderful tool is also the fastest way to get known by the rest of the world. So I've decided to build my website to present myself, share my opinions, my knowledge, my projects...

My name is Gökçe ASOVA.

I'm born in Istanbul in 1977, I left Turkey when I was 7 years old, for Spain. I studied at Bilbao's French Highschool, for 6 years. Then I followed my studies in Paris where i lived 15 years, and got my Computer Sciences Engineering Master degree From EPITA in 2003.

During all my studies, I had the opportunity to hone my skills and my professional experience, by working in different companies. From October 2005 to August 2012, I lived in Istanbul and worked for Marsh & Mc Lennan, as a Senior System Analyst. Since September 2012, I live in Brussels and still work for Marsh & Mc Lennan, as a Business Analyst. My mother tongue is French, I also speak fluently English and Turkish, and have a good Spanish understanding and speaking level.

Life is like a school, and needs continuous learning.

In a world where everything changes and moves very fast, isn't it fortunate?

My life at a glance


Requirements / Meetings / Training / Helping


New Ideas / Learning / Planning / Problem Solving


Coding / Creating / Experimenting


Testing / Improving / Documenting / Correcting

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Friends / Trips / Cinema / Dinner / Parties


New Destinations / New Experiences / Exploring / Sun


Driving / Reading / Walk / Listen to Music


Sleeping / Hot Baths / Dreaming / Staying at Home

Technical and still honing skills

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A creative, enthusiastic and versatile person, with competences and expertise in various fields such as specialization in electronic document management and web development. One of my strongest skills is communication, organization and analysis of business needs allowing me to take effective initiatives to achieve my goals. I count on the quality and results of my work. I have a very good technical knowledge of the business allowing me to clearly identify the details to enable the delivery of projects on time and within the agreed budget. I have a preference for the technical environment where I am required to develop and use new technologies that allow me to challenge myself. I enjoy working in a team and my ability to manage stress and, if necessary, help my colleagues, allows me to integrate and adapt to all kind of situations.

Career History

Since October 2005

Marsh & McLennan (Brussels, Belgium)

Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, helps clients succeed by defining, designing, and delivering innovative industry-specific solutions that help them effectively manage risk.

The GITO (Global IT & Operations) main goal is to deliver and maintain internal solutions for the business needs.

May 2002 - February 2005

Sipa Press (Paris, France)

System Administrator and Technical Director Assistant.

April to July 2000

Sipa Press (Paris, France)

In Charge of Online Services/Publications.

October to December 1999

Alcatel/Teletaş  (Istanbul, Turkey)

Epita's Internship, "ATM over SDH" Development.

September 1997 to September 1998

Sipa Press (Paris, France)

In Charge of Online Services/Publications.

June to July 1997

IBM (Montpellier, France)

6 weeks internship throught my studies at LT Jacquard.


2003' Alumni

EPITA (Paris, France)

As one of France's leading science and engineering schools, EPITA is committed to ensuring that all students have meaningful opportunities for personal growth and professional achievement in the future.


Master of Science Degree in Computer Sciences & Engineering, with a specialisation in Multimedia.


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